Marcano: The Bolivarian Revolution is under a media siege

The Minister for Communication and Information, José Luis Marcano said on Tuesday that the Bolivarian Revolution is under a permanent siege and aggression and “part of that siege is by the media.”
During an interview on a private television channel, he said that the State-owned media now have the duty to be sensible and rational to not fall into blackmail, since it is clear that since many years ago, part of the media aggression against the Bolivarian Revolution aims to expose its media as ones that hide the reality and give their backs to the problems of people
Regarding the editorial lines of the private media, he said that there have been some changes, but “the objectives are the same, because there are political interests”.
When asked about the dismissal of public officials who signed to activate a possible referendum against President Nicolas Maduro, the Minister said that whoever holds a post of free appointment and removal obviously can not be a person who is attacking the Bolivarian Revolution as “nobody is interested in having people in important positions sabotaging the functioning of the institutions”.
With regard to the opposition’s march for September 1, he said that the Bolivarian Government, enforcing laws and regulations, “Will not allow violent groups to threaten the country’s stability and endanger the lives of people, as unfortunately it has happened in the past. ”
“We hope that the violent interests and intentions are not met,” he said.