President Maduro in High-Level Dialogue at COP27: It is up to us South Americans to stop the destruction of the Amazon

During the meeting with the President of the Republic of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, the Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolás Maduro expressed his gratitude for such a significant participation in the COP27 World Summit of Leaders, and ratified the commitment to action and implementation of the debate against climate change.

He mentioned that scientists from the United Nations organization reported in the third report, the damages caused by the production of greenhouse gases and global warming, which threatens and cancels the deadlines to be reversed in its causes and effects.

In addition to this, he stressed the responsibility that South Americans have in stopping the destruction of the Amazon and initiating an orderly and efficient recovery process in favor of forest regeneration:

If there is something we can draw from this Summit on Climate Change with profound meaning, it is the commitment to take action for the regeneration of the Amazon, knowing the impacts it has on life on the continent and on humanity”, said the president.

Meanwhile, the president of Colombia highlighted the importance of the ecosystem for the well-being of humanity and stressed that North and South America must dialogue in order to build a joint path for the recovery of the Amazon.

He also mentioned the 4 fundamental climatic pillars as the main vertebrae of this discussion: the poles, the taiga and tundra of northern Siberia and Canada, and the Amazon rainforest.

Finally, he assured that if the initiative is taken to revitalize the Amazon rainforest, humanity can be given a victory blow in terms of the fight against Climate Change.