President Nicolás Maduro assured economy cannot be used to threaten countries

President Nicolás Maduro assured this Wednesday that an international exchange currency such as the dollar should not be used for geopolitical or political blackmail, as it was done with Venezuela.

During his speech at the farewell ceremony for the ambassador of the Republic of Nicaragua, Yaosca Calderón, and the ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, Joseph Nkosi, the Head of State recalled that Venezuela was removed from the SWIFT financial system “and we do not want to return”.

In this sense, he stressed that sisterly nations such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have made important efforts to create “a new financial system that opens doors to all the countries of the world and that does not use international banking as a political instrument or one to seek for a regime change, as it has happened in Venezuela”.

Venezuela has been excluded from the SWIFT system, from commercial exchange in dollars and a blockade has been imposed to prevent the sale of oil, all for ideological and political reasons”, rejected President Nicolás Maduro.

However, he assured that, despite this, «the Venezuelan people has resisted and today is standing up, dignified, sovereign and smiling”.

This Wednesday, President Nicolás Maduro led an award and farewell ceremony for the ambassadors of Nicaragua and South Africa, whom he thanked for their positive management in consolidating relations between our peoples:

We are saying goodbye to two ambassadors, from two countries dearly loved by our people. Two ambassadors who have made it possible to strengthen bilateral relations between Venezuela-Nicaragua and Venezuela-South Africa”, he highlighted.