President Nicolás Maduro congratulated Nicaragua on this Sunday’s electoral journey

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, expressed his support and acknowledgment of the election process carried out this Sunday in the Central American nation where the positions of president, vice president and deputies were elected:

“We congratulate the people of Nicaragua in advance for this election day where a good level of participation was evidenced,” said the Venezuelan head of state.

President Maduro affirmed that this Sunday’s elections in Nicaragua were held under a permanent attack from the United States Government and its European allies, which is why he highlighted the courage of the Nicaraguan people:

“Imperialism targeting Nicaragua, imperialism and its creeping allies, but Nicaragua has someone to love it, to defend it, and here we are, the patriots of Latin America saying (that) Nicaragua is not alone”, he emphasized.

From the open spaces of the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas, the national president sent “greetings to the great commander and president Daniel Ortega Saavedra (…) and in advance, being 6:54 pm in Venezuela, we give a congratulatory hug to the people of Nicaragua for this epic, peaceful, democratic journey”.

Likewise, he expressed his best wishes for peace and progress for the Nicaraguan people: “To vote in Nicaragua is to vote for peace, is to vote for the homeland, for the stability of the people, for the beautiful Nicaragua.”