Vice President Delcy Rodríguez toured areas affected by rainfalls in Mérida

The Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, visited this Thursday the Tovar municipality and other jurisdictions of the Mocotíes Valley, in order to channel the requests of the affected communities and deploy the necessary help to care for the families and restore normality in the area as soon as possible.

As part of this deployment, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez, accompanied by the Minister of People’s Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, A / J Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, inspected the electrical substation that supplies the towns adjacent to Tovar, in order to evaluate damage and stabilize this service in the region:

“We are going to recover the service, we are working on that right now to recover it, and from there also to recover the water service, and we are sending food to these affected communities, food, medicines, medical equipment, it is comprehensive care”, he emphasized.

In a special broadcast carried out by VTV (Venezolana De Televisión TV station), she announced that the special team of the Ministry for Housing and Habitat will be installed in the sector, permanently, as well as the supervision that will be maintained by the Minister of Housing, the Vice President of Public Works, “(in order) to also review the roads, services in general, water, gas, roads, electricity, telecommunications”.

In this regard, she reported that some signals from telephone service providers have already been recovered, and stressed that the citizen security and Civil Protection bodies remain deployed to ensure the integrity of the inhabitants of the affected sectors:

“The important thing is that we take preventive measures: if the rainfalls continue, we have to protect the populations, the communities, there is a team and a single command that will be installed here and that is what we have come to organize,” she stressed.

Mérida: the most affected state

She also indicated that although the emergency continues in other states such as Apure, Yaracuy, Delta Amacuro, Bolívar and Zulia, Mérida has been the state most affected by the rains, due to the convergence of “unprecedented troughs, which converged perpendicularly in the area, causing this situation”.

She pointed out that the care and security device will remain in the area “as long as necessary, to attend and be with the people.”

Part of this route could also be observed through the Twitter account of the Ministry of People’s Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace @MIJP_Vzla



# ATTENTION🔴 From Mérida state, AJ @remigioceballosichaso together with the Revolutionary Government team expresses support and accompaniment to the inhabitants of the town of Tovar, affected by heavy rainfalls”.

Minister Ceballos acknowledged the work of Civil Protection, Firefighters and citizen security officials, present from the outset in the affected areas of Mérida state.