Venezuela asks UN for support to deactivate mines on the border

Venezuela has requested help from the United Nations system to deactivate the minefields that irregular groups from Colombia have planted on the border of Apure state, as reported this Sunday the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

«We ask for emergency help from the United Nations System to deactivate the minefields left by these irregular groups, it is the war in Colombia exported to a noble and peaceful territory like Venezuela,» announced the head of state.

He stressed that he has instructed the Chancellor , Jorge Arreaza, to extend a communication to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, in this regard.

Similarly, President Nicolás Maduro ordered the reinforcement of border controls «and the entire presence of the Venezuelan State in the conflict zone in Apure»: «The massacres, murders, drug trafficking have cornered Colombian society and they intend to take over the territory Venezuelan We have not allowed it, nor are we going to allow it! «, he stressed, recalling that the attacks registered in the border area of ​​the Apure state «Have not been for 2 weeks, the attacks are permanent and these days we have evicted several camps Of these irregular armed groups, Colombia abandoned its border more than 50 years ago and handed it over to the irregular armed groups”.

Since the 1980s, since the Pablo Escobar phenomenon and then Uribism, which is the expression of the arrival of narco-paramilitarism in Colombia, where it has been normalized by the mafias and drug trafficking, they have cornered Colombian society and intend to enter into Venezuela (…) we are going to liberate this entire area, the entire territory of Apure,” said the president.

By ensuring that the Bolivarian Shield is a form of action to protect the country, especially the border with Colombia from armed groups, he called on the Venezuelan people to give absolute and total support to our glorious FANB: “Zero tolerance to irregular armed groups, drug traffickers and terrorists from Colombia. Venezuela is to be respected!» He also instructed the FANB General Staff to hold a special press conference to make a balance of this conflict.

Our land is for planting, not for drug trafficking. Colombia does not support the development of agricultural production, it only supports drugs, 92% of the drug leaves through the Pacific and the Colombian Caribbean. We are victims of paramilitarism and Colombian drug trafficking. We remain active and in solidarity in the defense and liberation of our territory, as a people of peace but also of warriors,” he stated.