Hinterlaces: The majority of Venezuelans support political dialogue between the Government and the opposition

The majority of Venezuelans expressed, in a survey conducted by Hinterlaces, to agree with the dialogue process carried out by the National Government and the opposition to resolve differences and advance into the country’s peace.
In the 1,580 interviews conducted with households throughout the country, from September 26 to October 20, prevailed the support to the majority of respondents to the National Dialogue Board, as informed the journalist José Vicente Rangel, in the “Confidentials” section of his program “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today), broadcast this Sunday on Televen.
The first question of the survey was: “How important for the country do you consider the dialogue between the Government and the opposition to solve economic problems?”, to which a 58% responded “very important”, and a 16% “somewhat important”, for a total of a 74% of support.
There is talk of both moderate and radical opposition sides, and it was inquired about the agreement or disagreement with the dialogue that is taking place between the moderate opposition and the Bolivarian Government. To this, 64% responded in agreement.
Another question was: “Do you agree or disagree with other sectors such as independents and entrepreneurs also participating in the dialogue board?”, and 83% of the respondents expressed their agreement.