National Government will boost export bureau to facilitate trade of Venezuelan products abroad

The National Government will reactivate the Export Bureau of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda (AEB) in order to solve critical nodes and facilitate the permit required for the commercialization of Venezuelan products abroad.
The announcement was made on Wednesday by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, who instructed the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, to accelerate the articulation between public and private entrepreneurs in order to eradicate the “obstacles and corruption” that impede the development of their export vocation:
“We have to articulate quickly, very soon, a new Export Bureau that solves all the problems and facilitates the permits and logistics so that our private and public companies have an export vocation”, he emphasized from the Cacao Industria Venezolana (Civen) company, located in Valles del Tuy, in Miranda state.
He indicated that it is necessary to build an export culture in the country, a model that not only satisfies the national market, but also points to the generation of convertible currencies to update investments in the production process.
In this regard, he stressed that the Venezuelan State supports public and private entrepreneurs in productive diversification with a strategic vision, oriented towards the recovery, growth and expansion of production capacities:
“May you private entrepreneurs count on all my support, so that private enterprise is strengthened, and have a process of growth and expansion”, he said, while pointing out that economic prosperity will only arise from the joint work of the country’s productive forces.