Casado: The US is preparing the public opinion for an intervention in Venezuela

Spanish journalist and university professor, Fernando Casado, assured on Tuesday that the western media presents a distorted image of the Venezuelan reality. «They portray Venezuela in a different way.»
This, according to Casado, has a clear objective: «To prepare the public opinion for a possible armed intervention» in the country; a strategy promoted by the United States and the Venezuelan opposition.
It is contradictory that, despite the fact that the proposal for dialogue has emerged from the official side, Nicolás Maduro is described by the Western press as a dictator. But this is not new, during the «guarimbas» (riots) of 2017 the president was accused of repressing despite the fact that the greatest number of wounded were agents of the security forces.
The western media never showed in their websites and news channels the terrible images of people burned alive during the violent protests by the opposition, said the communicator during his participation in the «Dando y Dando-Radio» (Taking and Giving-Radio) program of RNV Informative channel.