Several countries in Africa express their support for Venezuela before the new economic start

Ambassadors of African countries accredited in Venezuela, welcomed on Wednesday the economic measures promoted by the National Executive, and that were launched with the monetary reconversion that began last Monday.

After a meeting with the Chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza, ambassadors Benmoussat Ghaouti from Algeria, Carmelo Misha from Equatorial Guinea, Eltayebb Abdulgassim from Sudan, Martin Cobham from Nigeria, and Joseph Nkosi from South Africa, highlighted that with these measures Venezuela will have a new economic start.

The meeting was also attended by business managers Hadi Larousse, from the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, Mohammed El Baz, from Egypt, and Patricio Horacio from Ángola (as consular agent).

Likewise, they stand in solidarity with the Bolivarian Government and the people in the face of imperial attacks against the country.