Carlos López: Salary increase is aimed at facing the economic war

“The fundamental objective of the economic war is to touch the conscience of the Venezuelan people, of the worker”, said on Wednesday the general coordinator of the Bolivarian Socialist Workers Central (CBST) and trade union leader, Carlos Lopez.

Interviewed on a private radio station, he stressed that the Government’s salary policy is aimed at facing the economic war.

The recent wage increase of 95%, which placed the national minimum income at one million bolivars, together with the food distribution programs, are aimed at the working class so that they can cover their basic needs, the labor leader agreed.

Lopez, although he considered that any salary increase is insufficient to avoid induced inflation, assured that workers are aware of who is responsible for the economic war.

“The more they try to hit the town, the more the tables turns and the support for the revolution increases”, he said, referring to the immense demonstration of support for Nicolás Maduro that took place yesterday, May 1, in the streets of the capital of country.