Requested in ANC to open historical trial to the traitors to the Homeland

“We must request for a historical trial to be opened, for everything that has to be investigated to be investigated, and for the traitors to the Fatherland to be punished. Exemplary punishment for traitors to the country and thus, applying justice, continue in peace building Bolivarian socialism”.

This is what constituent Adan Chavez expressed, regarding the attitude assumed by the MUD in the application of an Executive Order issued by the President of the United States, which seeks the financial blockade of Venezuela.

During the session of the ANC where is being discussed a decree in rejection of the sanctions announced by the US Government, the parliamentarian recalled that these are the result of the acceleration of the plans of a continued coup to end the Bolivarian Revolution, an action that started 18 years ago.

“We are undoubtedly experiencing the most difficult moment in this revolutionary process, in this process of socialist construction”, he said.

He added that the imperial onslaught, seconded by the national opposition leadership, has three fundamental lines of action. The first being the national and international psychological media war, the economic war and the terrorist war.

He emphasized that each defeat that the empire and its local allies receive, have made to intensify the attacks on the Homeland, and assured that the Venezuelan people will continue to defeat all the attacks against our sovereignty.

“We are going to continue winning, I have no doubt and I am sure that most of our people share this. We will continue to win and we will continue in peace. Without belittling the enemy”, he said.

He urged the people to prepare themselves in theory and practice to confront all the attacks that are attempted against Venezuela.