President Maduro announced travels abroad to concrete financing

The Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolás Maduro Moros, announced that during the current month (December) will make two travels abroad in order to concrete new economic resources to fulfill the commitments with the people of Venezuela.
«In December I will make a travel, or even two, to concrete the resources needed by the country in 2017, 2018, hopefully we will reach 2020,» he said.
During his participation in the extraordinary session of the National Council of Productive Economy, this Saturday, the Venezuelan President assured that the national and international right wing have failed to impose in 2016 the scenario of a breakdown.
«We are ending 2016, having contained the hatred and violence, with an established board of dialogue,» he said.
The Venezuelan President indicated that the nation already has the sources of financing in dollars and bolivars, «Already with plans to stabilize the oil market, will be injected resources into the development of the 15 Productive Engines.»
Maduro said that the battle between the Government, along with entrepreneurs beyond the differences of approach «is the battle for all and for everyone.»
In a national joint radio and television broadcast, Maduro said that he will do «everything human, possible and impossible, for in Venezuela to have social peace and to follow the constitutional paths, leaving aside hatred and intolerance.»
Finally reaffirmed that Venezuela has all the potential to advance, which is why it has a good future and «2017 will be the first year of sustained recovery and a new model of wealth creation.»