President Maduro announced the start of Christmas 2016 from November 1st

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro said this Saturday that from November 1st, start the Christmas season 2016 with the youth “parrandones” (big parties).
“We’re going to start the Christmas 2016 throughout Venezuela with cultural, youth, popular “parrandones”, on November 1st, Christmas starts in “Contacto con Maduro” (the President’s weekly TV program, Contact with Maduro), we will get to party that day”, he said in joint radio and television broadcast during a ceremony with the revolutionary youth in honor of Robert Serra, a young martyr of the revolution, killed two years ago by Colombian paramilitaries.
The Youth Parrandones are part of the actions being conducted by the Mission Youth of the Homeland “Robert Serra” in the Cultural-Communicational scope.
In the productive area actions were focused on the launching of the “Soy Joven Productivo” (I’m a Productive Youth) program, the creation of the volunteership for harvest and sowing 2016-2017, the development of school “conucos” (small planting fields) and the formation of Productive Youth Councils.
Regarding the productive youth councils, the Head of State stressed that this instance must be created to work on the 720 companies occupied by the Great Mission Sovereign Supply (GMAS).
In the social sphere, were highlighted the development of the Housing program “Soy Joven” (I’m Young), the Comprehensive Youth Care Fair 2016, the development of the program for responsible and pleasurable sexual health, and the activation of the Great bases of missions in all popular urbanisms.
“We have to be on all the bases, without bureaucratism” urged President Maduro to the Venezuelan youth.