Yul Jabour: Peace is the flag of the revolutionaries against fascism

The deputy to the National Assembly (AN) by the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), Yul Jabour, reiterated on Wednesday that the revolutionaries in the country have peace as their flag.
“The revolutionary men and women struggle against fascism, against domination, against imperialism, is the flag that we have raised historically, the Venezuelan left wing who always keeps up the legacy of Commander Chavez,” said Jabour during his participation in the “En La Palestra” (At the podium) program, broadcast by RNV Informative Channel.
He said that currently there is an escalation in the issue of confrontation for political power that is promoting the right wing in the country and imperialism, in order to truncate the current political process through a violent agenda.
“Violence is established in the neo-fascist agenda of the opposition leadership. They apply a double standard where they intend to make see the country and the world that they are a peaceful opposition, and that they want to get into political power through the democratic and electoral path, making see the Chavistas as those who are violating human rights” said the deputy.
In this regard, he urged the Venezuelan people to be vigilant about these international matrixes that are trying to position the leaders of the right wing.