There will not be a revoking referendum this year

The Chairwoman of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, said that entity that she represents «Does not accept pressures from anyone. Our duty is with the guarantee of the constitutional rights of all the people of Venezuela. The political expression of citizens have in the electoral institution its most loyal resource, we will continue to fulfill the duty we owe to democracy and peace as guarantors of the exercise of citizens’ rights, that is our work. »
The statements were offered after exposing this Tuesday to the country the technical aspects of the revoking referendum, in which she emphasized that the lapses to activate the presidential revoking referendum can not be hurried, and the electoral body is obliged to make comply with this.
«The CNE has a huge and brilliant capacity to respond to the challenges it has. The lapses can not be hurried», she said. from the headquarters of the Electoral Power, in Caracas.
At the exposition were present the People’s Power, academics, electoral experts and technicians, and members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) and ministers.
Regarding the request of the Venezuelan opposition to convoke a revoking referendum, she said that, of meeting all the requirements of the law, the collection of a 20 percent of the signatures would be held for the end of October this year.
The rector said that after this process, would be held the validation of signatures and, of fulfilling the requirements, would begin a period of 90 days for making the referendum. Once these lapses are set, a possible referendum would be held in 2017.