President Maduro: The Bolivarian Military Aviation is at the forefront and today we breathe times of peace

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, on the occasion of the celebration of the 102 years of the Bolivarian Military Aviation (AMB) and the 30 years of the Military Rebellion of November 27, 1992, stressed the commitment of this component of the Force Bolivarian National Army (FANB), with the defense of national sovereignty and the inalienable right to independence and to be free:

Dear sentinels of the tricolor sky, 102 years ago the honorable Venezuelan Air Force was born, which has fully fulfilled the custody of our sacred airspace, but without a doubt it was November 27, 1992 when contemporary history gave this component a new character, a new sense in accordance with the reality of our country, our people and the hope of all, «said the head of state.

He highlighted that since the NOV-27 the Bolivarian Military Aviation marked a historical milestone in the country, since the new republican pages were reborn together with the Bolivarian project, led by Commander Hugo Chávez: «Everything that seemed impossible in other times was released and incarnated in the possibility of building better living conditions for our people, through the inevitable rupture of the old structures of elite democracy.»

The national president highlighted the Bolivarian Revolution has gone through four stages in its historical development, some of the first: the anti-imperialist rebellions of which they are sons on February 27, 1989; on February 4 and November 27, 1992; the refoundation of the Homeland that began with the Constituent process of 1999, the heroic resistance framed from 2013 to 2020, a period characterized by unprecedented aggressions against Venezuela and, at the same time, by an admirable response from the people in favor of peace and fourth with the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo, meaning «the point of no return of the Revolution and the Bolivarian era.»

«The Bolivarian Revolution is today an example of popular, protagonist, participatory and direct democracy, a successful example that radiates with its morality to an entire continent that resumes its path of liberation and shared development,» he added.

For his part, General in Chief Vladimir Padrino López highlighted 30 years of the Rebellion of November 27 and 102 years of the Bolivarian Military Aviation, that it is important to remember this date to exalt the value of those men who dared to take a step to the front and say “no to imperialism, to rottenness, to immorality, they took flight and said present.»

Likewise, the commander of the Aviation, Santiago Infante, stressed that he was proud to guarantee the honor of the FANB: “Today this November 27 we are defending the throne of freedom. We have defended a widespread war that tries to plunder our wealth, before the conjunctural time we have the Homeland conscience. Aviation is committed to the people and to which we owe ourselves as a component that was born 102 years ago”.