President Maduro: Pequiven registers a recovery of close to 100%

Hand in hand with the Productive Councils of Working men and women (CPT), Petroquímica de Venezuela, S.A. (Petrochemical of Venezuela – PEQUIVEN), registers a recovery of close to 100 percent, assured this Wednesday the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, from Zulia state.

In a meeting with the CPTs of the “Ana María Campos” Petrochemical Complex, the Head of State highlighted “this giant step” by acknowledging Pequiven as an industry that activates 800 companies in the country:

We have the petrochemical industry, already recovered, Pequiven is recovered almost at 100 percent, by the hand of the CPTs”, stressed President Maduro.

Inventiveness of the Working Class:

In this regard, he reflected “Where did the pieces and parts come from? Where did the equipment and parts come from to recover Pequiven in Anzoátegui, in Morón? From the mind, science, knowledge, technique, innovation and inventiveness of the Venezuelan working class”.

When assessing the significance of these results, he announced that “there is still a lot to do”

The Venezuelan president indicated that this is the new management model, in which the working class participates decisively in decision-making in the country’s public companies.

Impact on Gross Domestic Product:

For his part, the president of Pequiven, Pedro Tellechea, pointed out that these 800 companies will pay taxes to various areas such as health (fabrics for the operating room area), food (food and liquid containers) and the automotive area (different areas and car parts).

Of these 800 companies, will be released a productive capacity that will impact “5 percent of the internal product, regarding the plastic transformation process, thanks to the CPT, the union, the women workers of the petrochemicals and the youth group of petrochemicals”, achieving complete linkage and synergy for the benefit of the entire national economy.

Tellechea announced that a congress is expected to be held with all the companies that transform plastic, “to accompany them in their production processes and to encourage direct supply to companies”.