Team of Iranian industrialists and miners will soon arrive in Venezuela

The economic director of the Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), Amir Sabaq, stressed that the Islamic Republic is willing to export or build in Venezuela plants for steel, iron and steel products and cement, which is why an Iranian team of industrial and mining activists will soon leave for the Latin American country.

Sabaq referred to the new round of bilateral cooperation between Iran and Venezuela, highlighting that due to the numerous economic reforms that are being carried out in the Latin American country, its road construction and foundation projects require steel, cement and construction materials, as reviews the IRNA agency:

Considering the activities of our country in the fields of steel (with the tenth place among the best steel producers in the world), the export of aluminum, copper, zinc, cement, etc, (this) can contribute greatly to the development of this country,» he added.

Likewise, he stressed that as urbanization and construction in Venezuela are advancing, there will be an urgent need for cement, steel and bars, therefore, he explained that «we are ready to export or build steel, iron and steel products and cement factories in this country”.