President Maduro supervised the Command Post for 1×10 of Good Governance

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros, supervised this Saturday the operation of the Presidential Command Post for the 1×10 Good Governance.

Located at Miraflores Palace, the Command Post for the 1×10 of Good Governance has the purpose of receiving information and denounces about the problems that may exist in the communities of the country.

Said information will be received through technological platforms such as the “VenApp” social network and the Patria System.

The national president has reported that this system is an instrument to revolutionize government management and advance in the new stage of transition to socialism:

«The 1×10 of Good Governance, the Patria System and the “VenApp” social network, will be the instruments to revolutionize and change everything in this new stage of transition to Bolivarian Socialism, to serve the communities in real time. Let’s go with and together with the people!» emphasized President Maduro.

The areas prioritized through the 1×10 of Good Governance are: Health, Water and Education, under the premise of strengthening the immediate response capacity and solving the collective needs of the people.

The construction of the 1×10 of Good Governance is one of the strategic lines for 2022, whose definition is based on the 3R.NETS, with a view to turning the communities into protagonists of the denunciation and the solution of their problems hand in hand of the Bolivarian Government.