FANB clears border sector in Apure planted by more than 200 TANCOL booby traps

Members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) cleared a sector in the Páez municipality, Apure state, which was strewn with more than 200 booby traps in different paths and roads used by Colombian drug traffickers to protect a hidden camp.

This device was part of the Operation Vuelvan Caras carried out by the FANB against the group Armed Terrorists Drug Traffickers of Colombia (TANCOL) that have penetrated the national territory through the border area:

In full deployment and deepening towards the most intricate gallery forests, the FANB continues to scrutinize and locate TANCOL structures in our territory covered by the forest,” as remarked by the head of the FANB Strategic Operational Command (Ceofanb), Domingo Hernández Lárez on Twitter.

He explained that have been dismantled all kinds of TANCOL logistical and operational elements in Venezuelan territory, such as lodgings, laboratories, warehouses and explosives for drug trafficking activities.

He confirmed that the FANB will remain operational and alert: “Venezuela is not and will not be a platform or support for any drug-trafficking country or faction. All illegal tracks on our sovereign territory will be destroyed!”, he emphasized.

On the social network, Hernández Lárez has remarked that «the Venezuelan geographical space is a zone of peace, and all kinds of foreign narco-terrorist installations and invasions that threaten our national sovereignty will be destroyed and eliminated!»

Operation Bolivarian Shield 2022 – Vuelvan Caras has been deployed since January this year in the border region in order to expel Colombian terrorists from the nation and thereby neutralize their terrorist actions. It began with the objective of maintaining and protecting the peace of the country after the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, stated that 2022 should be declared the year 100% free of TANCOL in the national territory.