Government approves fund of 10 million bolivars to address climate crisis

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, approved this Friday the creation of a fund of 10 million bolívars, to address the climate crisis that affects Venezuela and all the countries of the world.

This initiative will allow to strengthen the policies promoted by the National Executive, as well as to finance different investigations carried out by Venezuelan scientists.

Likewise, along with this fund, President Maduro, who is participating in the closing of the First Congress of Researchers on Climate Change, approved other measures to help mitigate the causes of this scourge, because this is an issue that his Government will to put at the center of its present and future work.

Among them is the formation of a network of knowledge, experiences and knowledge about the climate crisis; a survey on the Patria platform, as a strategy to raise awareness among the population, where the objective is to assess the people’s awareness of the climate crisis and its consequences.

President Maduro also approved the holding of the International Meeting against the Climate Crisis, to provide a space for the exchange of knowledge. The meeting will take place the week of October 24, 2022, in the context of the International Day to Combat Climate Change.

Likewise, it was approved the creation of a peer-reviewed scientific journal, in which national and international researchers can participate, as well as the National Ecosocialist Prize against the Climate Crisis, an annual award granted by the Ministry for Ecosocialism, for researchers and innovators. about the climate crisis.

The creation of the National Climate Crisis Observatory (ONCC), as part of the organic structure of the Ministry for Ecosocialism and the Center for the Study of the Global Environmental Crisis, attached to IVIC (Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research), were also approved.

Finally, the main actions of the Bolivarian Revolution in the face of the climate crisis were approved and the character of the Presidential Commission against climate change was raised to the Sectoral Vice President Council for addressing the climate crisis, as a permanent higher body constituted for the design and evaluation strategy against the climate crisis.