President Maduro: “Thanks to Barrio Adentro we have achieved success against the pandemic”

Thanks to Mission Barrio Adentro we have achieved success in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic”, said President Nicolás Maduro on Monday during his participation in the commemorative act for the 19th anniversary of Mission Barrio Adentro, held this Monday in Caracas.

However, the Head of State urged to remain alert “because the pandemic has not gone away, what is hidden is the pandemic, that is why we must continue taking care of ourselves”.

He stressed that “the achievements and successes of the Venezuelan people in the fight against the pandemic belong to you, but let’s continue taking care of ourselves, because the pandemic has not gone away,” added the National President.

Likewise, he highlighted that thanks to the work carried out by health professionals, as well as the awareness of the Venezuelan people, the country managed to register only one case of Covid-19 yesterday (Wednesday) and four continuous days without deaths from the virus.

Booster dose:

He also reported that next Saturday will be administered the booster dose of the Sputnik light covid vaccine:

“I will be punctual, like clockwork and I will get my vaccine, in Venezuela we have enough vaccines so that all Venezuelans can have their booster,” he said.

Our path is Bolivarian socialism:

With regard to this new anniversary, the National President recalled that Mission Barrio Adentro was born just one year after the fascist coup against the Eternal Commander Hugo Chávez Frías, a coup carried out to reverse all the social changes that were taking place in the country.

He stressed that after the victory in the civic-military union on April 13, with the return of Chavez into power, a policy of missions and great missions was given way to serve the population:

Almost a year later, Commander Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro Ruz took the initiative of Mission Barrio Adentro to send the doctors into the neighborhoods, (and for this reason) the victory of April 13 and 14 is the mother of the Mission. Inside the neighborhoods, because had the oligarchy triumphed, Mission Barrio Adentro would not exist,” he said.

“Our path is (that of) Bolivarian socialism, it is the missions and great missions, it is happiness and social equality, the correct distribution of wealth, revolutionizing, changing everything that has to be changed,” he added.