National Executive approves resources to recover schools and high schools in the country

President Nicolás Maduro reported this Thursday the approval of all the points of account related to the request for economic resources to accelerate and expand the recovery program for the country’s schools and high schools, through the “Una Gota de Amor para Mi Escuela” (A Drop of Love for My School) plan.

“All resources approved”, he stated.

He specified that this Friday, March 25, the Minister for Education, Yelitze Santaella, will announce details of the distribution of the approved resources.

During a work journey, led from the U.E.N. Francisco Pimentel, was announced that the recovery and rehabilitation program of the country’s educational centers will be carried out simultaneously with the progressive restart of face-to-face classes starting next week:

“Venezuela has to shine and be an example in the world of public, free, inclusive and top-quality education,” said the Head of State.

Dialogue with teachers and unions:

In this context, the national president also addressed the salary issue of teachers and educational workers.

He highlighted the achievement of significantly adapting the salary tables of teachers in the country to enjoy “an improved salary, moving towards the dignified wage in the month of March.”

He added that the dialogue with unions and federations has also made important progress.

I think the agreement is satisfactory. I am very grateful to the teaching profession for the moral, historical strength and conscience of thousands of teachers”, he sentenced.