Venezuela will increase military cooperation with Russia

We are going to increase all the plans for preparation, training, cooperation with a military power in the world such as Russia,” assured this wednesday the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, after welcoming in Miraflores the vice president of the Russian Government, Yuri Borisov.

In this sense, he stated that “on the one hand is the sustainable economic recovery of Venezuela and on the other hand is the expansion of all commercial ties with Russia.”

Among other aspects, he pointed out that Venezuela ratifies the path of a powerful military cooperation with Russia for the defense of territorial integrity.

During this act of signing strategic agreements between the Russian Federation and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Venezuelan Head of State assured that relations between Russia and Venezuela “are increasingly acquiring a higher strategic level, greater quality and depth in their results.”

Previously, Russian Vice President Yuri Borisov ratified the solidity of cooperative relations between Russia and Venezuela, “we confirm the availability of our country to strengthen the strategic association between our countries.”

World Geopolitics:

In this context, President Maduro indicated that during this work meeting, they reviewed the map of world geopolitics, the state of Russia-Venezuela bilateral cooperation “and we have addressed in detail each of the aspects of trade, energy, financial, in the field of health, culture, education, military”.

Throughout the day this Wednesday in Caracas, Borisov and his entourage, together with the executive vice president Delcy Rodríguez, the sectoral vice president for the economic area Tareck El Aissami and other members of the Cabinet verified the progress in more than 20 work areas established by the High Level Intergovernmental Commission (CIAN) Venezuela-Russia.

In this regard, the national president affirmed that both nations have “built the cooperation map to continue working together”, while thanking all the support of the Russian Government to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

Borísov makes a tour of several countries in the region, among which, in addition to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba stand out.