CNE and Carter Center signed understanding memorandum regarding electoral experts mission

The Mission of Electoral Experts of the Carter Center and its members will maintain strict impartiality, objectivity, independence and non-interference in the electoral process, respect for sovereignty and national self-determination during the performance of their mandate, which includes, among others, not interfering in the conduct of the electoral process.

The understanding memorandum between the Electoral Power and the Carter Center will enter into force on the day of its signature and will remain in effect until the proclamation of the elected candidates, and the subsequent departure from the country of the members of the Electoral Experts mission.

The information was published on the official account of the Electoral Power @cneesvzla, this Wednesday, October 27, 2021.



Electoral Power and the Carter Center sign Understanding Memorandum on the International Mission of Electoral Experts for the 2021 Regional and Municipal elections, in order to regulate the relations and responsibilities between both parties, facing the electoral event.”