Maduro: We have sealed the perfect union towards a new popular victory on November 21

The president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, PSUV, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed that towards the mega elections, has been achieved the perfect alliance of the forces of the Great Patriotic Pole, (GPP) which will support the PSUV candidates in order to achieve a new popular victory on NOV-21:

«We went from a process of the PSUV, to the process of agreements with the GPP, and I have been informed that the perfect union of the GPP has been sealed in the 23 governorates and the 335 mayors and Municipal Councils”, emphasized Maduro during his participation in the Workshop on training with the candidates of the Revolution for the regional and municipal elections next November.

During his intervention in this work journey, the president of the PSUV urged the candidates to “break any vestige of partisanship and sectarianism. Now you are the candidates of hope, of the future”, he said.

He assured that as representatives elected by rank and file of the party in the Open Primary Elections (EPA), they are now the vanguard of the Bolivarian Revolution with popular support: «you are prohibited from failing.»

«You must be in the vanguard, which is the highest moral demand that is made to a revolutionary leader”, he said, while asking them to be clear about «the role of the revolution and what is the role that should be played at this historic moment of the homeland”.

G4 confirms participation on November 21:

In his words, he congratulated the leaders of the radical opposition who have confirmed their participation in the regional elections on November 21:

«The moment the radical opposition parties register their candidates, they will be recognizing the National Electoral Council, CNE and the National Assembly (AN) that appointed it”, he said.

He affirmed that the November elections must be seen as “a triumph of the policies of the Chavismo in power (which open) a new cycle of political stability, which must be at least until 2030. Each vote given is a bet to peace, dialogue and improvement», he emphasized.

In that sense, he recognized the members of the so-called G4, who confirmed their participation in the 21N elections:

«We have memory and we do not forget, but we have the capacity to advance, embrace and overcome the problems of the country,» he said.

Government programs must give answers to the people:

Regarding this first training workshop for the candidates of the Homeland for governors and mayors, he emphasized that it should serve to prepare programmatic proposals, campaign lines, the vision of the actions to be carried out and the priorities of the campaign.

In this regard, he urged to strengthen popular leadership and to design government proposals that prioritize giving true responses to the daily life of the people, and at the head of that list he asked them to work on the real improvement of public services, such as the provision of drinking water, public transportation «and everything that has been deteriorating due to the blockade, but also due to laziness”.

«We have overcome sterile debates and now we must focus on the daily problems of the people, locally we must look for our people on foot, to listen to them and to re-motivate them, and assume the commitment to fulfill them once we have the victory of 21 -N”, he emphasized.