Cooperation and fight against COVID19: Venezuela begins clinical trials with the second Russian vaccine EpiVac Corona

The people of Venezuela joined this Tuesday the medical trials of the Russian EpiVac Corona vaccine, being the second vaccine against COVID-19 developed by Russian scientists.

This was reported by the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, after a work meeting with the Ambassador of the Russian People’s Republic in Venezuela, Sergey Mélik-Bagdasárov, at the headquarters of the Executive Vice Presidency, in Caracas.

Rodríguez said that it is an honor for Venezuela to participate in these medical trials of the EpiVac Corona vaccine:An extraordinary Russian vaccine that is close to 100% effective against COVID-19.”

“We want to thank this first honorary volunteer, Mr. Sergey Mélik-Bagdasárov, who makes us be present,” said the Vice President once the diplomat received the first dose of the vaccine for the clinical trials of the drug.

In this way, Rodríguez expressed that the people of Venezuela can also be vaccinated with this antidote, elaborated and produced by a state laboratory and with the technological strength of Russia, a country that is at the service of humanity.

We have seen the development the Sputnik-V has had of the Gamaleya center –very prestigious worldwide-, now also in the Vektor laboratory that is in Siberia, which also adds to this contribution to humanity. EpiVac Corona is a very good vaccine, which is made up of synthetic peptides that simulate parts of small fragments of the virus, and that strengthens the person’s immune system against the covid-19 virus”, she emphasized.

Russia – Venezuela cooperation:

Venezuela continues its march against the pandemic and, with allied countries such as Russia, faces the illegal financial blockade and unjust sanctions imposed by the hegemon, guaranteeing the fundamental right to health.

In this context, the Venezuelan and Russian authorities continue to deepen cooperation mechanisms in the fight against the pandemic.

“Russia and China contrast with the role that some countries are playing, who are accumulating and hoarding vaccines, with the aim of creating global imbalance and asymmetry in access to vaccine populations”, emphasized the Executive Vice President.

Finally, she thanked the Russian people for allowing Venezuela to once again participate in these intergovernmental mechanisms that contribute to the development of humanitarian ties between both nations, allowing the bonds of brotherhood to be strengthened.

I thank Russia, President Vladimir Putin and his people, also for the extraordinary development they have had with medicines. We are using, in this second wave of the virus in the country, Favipiravir, which is a Russian antiviral, very powerful and with which we are seeing good results. We know that other vaccines are under development in which we will soon have participation”, she concluded

Russia has been an important ally for Venezuela in the fight against COVID-19, through the excellent relations of cooperation and brotherhood that characterize both nations, in order to guarantee attention to the people.