Venezuela and Belarus reviewed joint projects to break the blockade

«Venezuela-Belarus relations are beyond the diplomatic field, they are the manifestation of the Plan of the Fatherland and the economic-productive complementarity of both nations,» as stated this Tuesday by Vice President and Minister of People’s Power for Planning, Ricardo Menéndez, during a working meeting of the Venezuela-Belarus High-Level Mixed Commission.

The also president of said Commission assured that both countries will maintain a periodic work scheme to monitor the projects, “which are not only based on productive capacities, but on an exchange in areas such as education, health, science, the technology, the commercial and the capacities of the mobility system”.

Likewise, the sectoral vice president for Planning highlighted that during this meeting the strengthening of capacities for agricultural production was addressed, “linked to tractor factories and heavy machinery as a whole; which will serve to break the blockade that has been generated against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and thus increase internal production”.

For his part, the Vice Chancellor for Europe, Yvan Gil, stressed that this meeting «is a sample of the fraternity determined in our relationships, after 24 established, reaching a strategic level that allowed us to create a work platform to develop together”.

In this sense, he indicated that such relations «have not only been developed on the economic issue, but in multilateral forums, respecting the United Nations Charter and the sovereignty of the peoples.»

24 years of fraternity and friendship relationships:

His Excellency Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Andrei Leonidovich Molchan, stressed that «The bilateral relations between both nations have a fraternal and friendly nature.»

«These bilateral relations had greater thrust in 2006 after the meeting between our president, Mr. Aleksandr Lukashenko and the eternal Commander Hugo Chávez, from that brotherhood of our presidents, they acquired a brotherhood status,» he said.

Regarding the future, the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus pointed out that they are outlined in an optimistic way, based on friendship and mutual support, «despite all the difficult times our countries are experiencing due to external influences.»

In this regard, Vice Chancellor Gil stated that «we are very pleased to be able to draw up a work agenda for the next 24 years and more with the Republic of Belarus on the issues addressed today.»

Finally, Minister Menéndez pointed out that «In times of challenge, the demand we have on the part of our presidents is greater, it is the development and monitoring of projects between both nations.»