Venezuela on maximum alert to defend its coasts

«It is being articulated on the coasts and seas the new structure of the Bolivarian Coastal National Militia», as reported the constitutional president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

The announcement was made by the Executive by sending a forceful message to the people of Venezuela who live in the coastal areas of the country, so that «from end to end, whenever are detected (new mercenary incursions) you already know what to do in a perfect civic-military-police union”.

All this is regarding the recent denunciations made by the Dignitary on the preparation of new mercenary groups in Colombia; information obtained from the voluntary testimonies offered by those captured in the failed incursion attempt of last May 3, with the aim of overthrowing the Bolivarian Government.

In this context, he urged all Venezuelan men and women to remain on maximum alert to defend the integral sovereignty of the Nation.

«People of Venezuela, on alert, on high guard to defend the peace and stability of Venezuela!» Said the head of state.

Likewise, he said that Venezuela is a country in resistance; «Against the criminal sanctions of imperialism, in battle against mercenaries and terrorists defending peace».

On the other hand, he prophesied the end of the so-called G4 parties (Voluntad Popular (VP), Primero Justicia (PJ), Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) and Acción Democrática (AD)), who underestimate the resistance, strength, will and the determination of the people, for whom negotiating their freedom and sovereignty is not an option.

«The future of the G4 parties is to disappear from the political scene, new forces and new leaders will emerge, because they cannot understand a people who resists, who loves, who has a higher conscience, they underestimate us, for our history».

Finally, he stressed that these politicians «have failed to understand how it is that the people works, resists and maintains a smile of hope, of joy for the future of Venezuela. A people who comes out every day to a meeting with life and with a spirit of struggle”.