President Maduro celebrates 17 years of the creation of Mission Barrio Adentro

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, published on Thursday a message on the Twitter social network to celebrate 17 years of the creation of Mission Barrio Adentro, which he described as «a health system without precedents in history».

Created in 2003 by Commander Hugo Chávez, this social program guarantees the universal right to health and medical care.

Since its launching, it has operated through the following modalities: Barrio Adentro I, for primary and preventive care in the modules, clinics and popular clinics; Barrio Adentro II, focused on integral health services through the Comprehensive Diagnosis Centers (CDI), the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Rooms (SRI) and the High Technology Centers (CAT); and Barrio Adentro III, which specializes in the care of chronic diseases and the financing of surgical interventions and medical treatments.

Nicolás Maduro
«Thanks to Commander Chávez’s humanistic vision, Mission Barrio Adentro was born 17 years ago. A health system unprecedented in history, which has allowed us to face the Covid-19 with the best weapon: love and solidarity. My appreciation to the doctors!»