Eighteen years ago, the Bolivarian Fury retook the constitutional and democratic thread in Venezuela

Eighteen years ago, the Bolivarian Fury retook for ever the constitutional, democratic and Bolivarian thread in Venezuela, as affirmed the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, on remembering this Tuesday the return to Miraflores Palace of Commander Hugo Chávez to his duties as National President, after being kidnapped on April 12, 2002 by representatives of Fedecamaras in agreement with sectors of the opposition and military traitors to the Homeland who sought to defeat the legally constituted government:

“April 11, 12, 13 and 14, 2002, were the days when the Bolivarian Fury expressed for the first time, which in a few hours swept away the fascist coup d’état and retook for ever the constitutional, democratic and Bolivarian thread in Venezuela”, he said.

Through various publications on his different social networks, the head of state said that on April 14 the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, along with the organized people, reaffirmed the path towards peace, sovereignty and independence of the country.

He expressed that Chávez’s return to power was accompanied “by an organized people in civic-military union, who decided to travel forever through the paths of democracy and peace. Long live the Victory of April!”

Eighteen years ago, the People’s Power, in a civic-military union, went out to the streets to defend the Bolivarian Revolution and to demand the restitution of the constitutional thread as well as the liberation of the Venezuelan leader, according to local media.

It is noted that the Bolivarian people starred a popular feat for the return to power of Hugo Chavez that would mark forever the historical development of the Bolivarian Revolution and the political future of the country.

After his return, the maximum leader of the Bolivarian Revolution offered a message to the country, and called for tolerance and democratic behavior for the opposition sectors, in addition to demanding respect for the Magna Carta and the mandate of the people.