UN incorporates request of the Comptroller General in its final declaration

The Comptroller General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Elvis Amoroso, reported on Friday that the request he made to that international body to create a special commission was incorporated into the final decision of the 8th United Nations Convention against Corruption that is in charge of investigating and creating the necessary mechanisms so that the assets stolen by the United States, Colombia and their international political allies are returned to the Venezuelan people:
“We are very satisfied and pleased because our request was included in the final UN decision. Venezuela has much to recover at this time with what has been taken away by the United States, Colombia and other countries, goods that belong to all Venezuelans”, he said.
Elvis Amoroso said that in a meeting with the official delegations of Africa, Russia, Iran, India and many others, he raised the voice of Venezuela and showed the true situation in the country, denying the false informations that are wanted to position before the World’s public opinion:
“We have unmasked with these delegations the intentions of an opposition political sector in Venezuela, which, in collusion with these governments of countries such as that of the United States, have wanted to appropriate Venezuelan wealth”, said Amoroso.
He explained that after knowing the truth about the Bolivarian Republic, the representatives of the different delegations have expressed their full support for Venezuela so that the nation can, in a short term, recover what belongs to all Venezuelans.
The president of the Republican Moral Council, has been doing an arduous job to defend and protect the assets that belong to Venezuela, that is why he insisted at all times during his participation in the UN that it is essential that mechanisms be established to prevent what they are doing against the Venezuelan people to become a generalized action against the other countries that are part of that organization.
The 8th UN session of the United Nations Convention against Corruption, “concluded with much satisfaction and much success for Venezuela”, concluded Amoroso.