President Maduro: The Venezuelan people is committed to defend the revolution

The president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, stressed this Saturday that in Venezuela «nobody will give a coup d’etat» and stressed that the Venezuelan people is committed to the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution, democracy, sovereignty and the Constitution:
«In Venezuela triumphs peace!» He said during a telephone call after the National March against Fascism and Coup-plotting, convened in Caracas.
The Head of State set an example to the Bolivian people, who are on the streets every day against a group of soldiers who are used by the fascist right wing, after a coup against the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales.
He warned that the opposition wishes to impose a dictatorship as in that country: «The fascists here in Venezuela intend to impose a dictatorship like that, that will never happen but, would it happen one day, millions (of people) taking the streets, the working class in front, the communes, the militiamen. Let the oligarchy not forget this: The force of Zamora would come and our commander Chávez would go to the front and it would be a more radical revolution», he said.
However, he reiterated that the importance is to ensure peace in the country: «We want peace, democracy, coexistence, but we must defeat racist fascism. Look at what they are capable of doing in five days: A massacre in Bolivia, and what the people is asking is for Evo to return», he said.
Regarding the coup d’etat in Bolivia consummated on Sunday, November 10, President Maduro recalled that he asked the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, to rule on what happened in Bolivia and the murders after the coup.
The president warned about the plans of the United States Government against Venezuela. He said that, according to US officials, the United States has given $400 million to the seditious sectors of the Venezuelan opposition.
«I say to them (United States Government): Venezuela has only one name: Simón Bolívar, and what rules here is the revolution of Simón Bolívar. If you want to understand Venezuela, it is with the Bolivarian Revolution. Cease in your conspiracies and your plot», he demanded.