Venezuela delivers a strengthened NAM to Azerbaijan

With three objectives proposed at the Margarita Summit reached, Venezuela delivered this Friday the pro-tempore presidency of the Non-Aligned Countries Movement (MNOAL) which was in its hands since September 2016.
To strengthen the cohesion of member countries, based on the premise of unity in diversity; to strengthen solidarity among the member states of the Movement in the spirit of non-alignment; and to advance in the process of revitalization of the NAM in order to reaffirm its full validity in the current and turbulent international situation, were the three goals achieved by Venezuela during the presidency within the multilateral bloc, described the Venezuelan Head of State, Nicolás Maduro during the management balance in Baku, Azerbaijan.
He indicated that Venezuela participated in more than 200 multilateral work meetings, in which were discussed topics of collective interest such as: nuclear disarmament; coercive and unilateral measures; human rights; Sustainable development and the culture of peace.
The Venezuelan dignitary recalled that in the last three years, the NAM addressed the situations of Palestine and Puerto Rico; as well as the peacekeeping, multilateralism and peace diplomacy operations, established by the United Nations General Assembly a year ago, at the initiative of the Movement.
President Maduro took advantage of the platform to express his solidarity with the countries victims of coercive and unilateral measures such as Palestine, Puerto Rico, Democratic Republic of Korea, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, Syria and Zimbabwe.
He also pointed out that respect for international law is key to guarantee effective and concerted actions to situations that threaten the welfare of the member states of this block.
In his opinion, the Charter of the United Nations (UN) and the principles of Bandung guide the consolidation of the union of peoples.
He stressed that under the protection of multilateralism it is possible to face the aggressions of legal and economic war against sovereign nations, as well as to provide concrete responses to phenomena such as climate change, the proliferation of racism, crimes of terrorism and military financing.
On the other hand, he thanked the support of the member states for Venezuela’s candidacy for the UN Human Rights Council, after capitalizing 105 votes in favor in the election of October 14.