Venezuelan Chancellory declared immigration inadmissibility of President-elect of Guatemala

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry informed on Saturday that the immigration inadmissibility of the President-elect of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammatei, was declared for presenting Italian passports before the country’s immigration control.
Through a statement, the aforementioned agency said that Giammatei confirmed that his visit to the country was not personal, so that since there is no proof of invitation by the National Executive, the Bolivarian Government proceeded to declare inadmissibility.
Following, the full Communiqué:
«The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela informs the international community about the immigration inadmissibility of citizen Alejandro Giammatei to Venezuelan territory, who departed back to his origin on the first flight today.
As it is of public knowledge, Mr. Giammatei has the status of President-elect of the Republic of Guatemala, however, he presented himself before the immigration checkpoint with a passport that accredits him as a national citizen of the Italian Republic.
The fact that an elected President of an independent Republic intended to enter another country under a citizenship other than that of the country where he will exercise the Presidency drew the attention of the corresponding officials, who proceeded to apply the identity verification protocol and ask the questions of rigor about the reason for his visit.
Once discarded by Mr. Giammatei himself that the reason for his trip was that of a visit of a tourist or of a private nature, and since there is no proof of invitation by the National Executive, nor any coordination on the part of the Guatemalan embassy in relation to this visit, it was proceeded to declare his inadmissibility, as well as that of his companions Pedro Brolo, with Spanish passport, and Giorgio Bruni, with Italian passport.
The visit to Venezuela of high-level foreign officials requires not only the realization of bilateral coordination in matters of agenda, security and issuance of visas, but also the presentation of credentials and identity documents of the country in which government functions are fulfilled.
Today, on the Indigenous Resistance Day, Venezuela reiterates its call to maintain relations between States within the framework of greater respect and International Law».