Constituent Jesús Faría affirms defense of the Homeland is the basis for negotiating with the opposition

Constituent Jesus Faría affirmed on Tuesday that the defense of the Homeland, the Constitution, the national laws and the interests of the country are bases for the negotiations with the opposition, for that reason he urged those who wish to participate in the dialogue, do so in function of the great interests of the country:
«Guaidó and his group of thugs have a policy of submission to the narco-paramilitary government of Colombia, have very close links with criminal groups and are pawns of American politics,» said the constituent during the «Al Aire» (On Air) program, broadcast by Venezolana de Television (VTV).
When talking about the agreement between the Government and the opposition regarding the incorporation of allied fractions of the National Government into the National Assembly, he stressed that “The National Assembly (AN) does not cease to be in contempt, however, said that the parliamentary fraction of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) we will join for a progressive restoration of the operation of all State institutions, in order to end the coup-plotting purpose that the opposition has and that has been unleashed from there».
He explained that in the dialogue table agreements were reached, which implies that concessions are given and in that space they will fight for the defense of the Homeland and seek for national unity, without preventing the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) from continuing to function and Continue developing the peace agenda.