Cabello calls to be alert after explosion of domestic gas filling plant

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, called on governors and state security agencies to be alert, after the explosion of the domestic gas filling plant, in Miranda state:
“We want to put our governors and state security agencieson alert, to watch very closely the public services. Nothing happens by chance, what happened in Ocumare del Tuy is no accident”, said Cabello this Monday from the El Obelisco Hostel, in Lara state.
He noted that the incident occurred on August 24 in Miranda state, and days before the Venezuelan opposition was already encouraging and gave statements regarding this kind of acts: “It’s an attack from all sides, because they want to tire our people, they want to demoralize our people and they won’t be able to”.
Cabello said that people linked to the Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) and Primero Fusticia (Justice First) rightwing parties were the ones who caused the domestic gas filling system to explode, in which facilities were burned, and that have affected the daily distribution to the communities.
He stressed that Juan Guaidó comes with terrorist and violent actions without taking care of human lives: “People got their legs, their arms burned, it could have been a disaster and they didn’t care, they want to cover up their disaster with sabotage activities to blame the government”, he said.