More than 80% Venezuelans support a process of dialogue between the government and the opposition

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reiterated his willingness to dialogue for the peace of the Nation, after three days of talks with the Venezuelan opposition in Norwegian territory:
“Our path is that of dialogue, respect for the Constitution, democracy and peace (…) national coexistence, development and the solution of problems”, he said.
He revealed that after several months of secret and prudent talks with the opposition sector, it was managed to start a dialogue in Norway, while he expressed his pride for the delegation representing the Bolivarian Government, because the path is that of understanding for peace.
More than 80% Venezuelans support a process of dialogue in the country, as informed the President: “Only a minority believes in coups d’état and asks for a gringo invasion. No! Neither coups, nor invasion, what will prevail here is peace, dialogue, concord and understanding”, he said.
In that vein, Maduro recommended the opposition to be courageous and to tell the truth to its followers: “because Venezuela needs to go to secure peace agreements”.
The statements were offered by the President on Wednesday May 29 at the time of reading, on national radio and television, the official statement issued by the Government of Norway, in which is expressed the appreciation for the efforts that seek to reach an agreement between the parts.