Chavista people will celebrate departure from the OAS with a march

The governor of Miranda state and member of the National Directorate of the PSUV, Hector Rodriguez, summoned the Venezuelan people to two street demonstrations for these 15 days. The first one on April 27: “This Saturday we will celebrate our final departure from the OAS”. The second mobilization will be on May 1st, for the day of the worker.
Amidst Monday’s customary press conference, the politician rejected the latest US sanctions against Venezuela, saying that “the blockade is vile and it is against the Venezuelan people, therefore the United Socialist Party of Venezuela rejects it and will fight to dismantle this blockade and build a productive Venezuela”, he said.
He recalled that President Nicolás Maduro has extended his hands for dialogue despite the attacks and blockades by the US: “We do not want a confrontation, we want dialogue, peace and respect. Our hand is extended to dialogue with respect”.
In another order of ideas, it was reported that this Thursday starts the training school for socialist workers.