Maduro remembered Omar Torrijos, the «Soldier of America»

On the 50th anniversary of the Nationalist Revolution led by General Omar Torrijos and a group of Panamanian soldiers, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, remembered the historical legacy of the «Soldier of America», through a message posted on his official account on the Twitter social network.

Omar Torrijos, was a leader of the Nationalist Revolution of Panama and whose progressive profile and in favor of the sovereignty of Panama conquered the sympathy of the anti-imperialist and left wing movements of the continent. With skilful diplomatic management, Torrijos managed to get President Jimmy Carter to sign the Treaties that returned the Canal to the Isthmus nation.

Omar Torrijos acceded to the leadership of the National Guard and led the country in 1969, initiating the Nationalist Revolution, aimed at the rescue of sovereignty over the Panama Canal and that would be concretized through the Torrijos-Carter Treaties of 1977, as well as a active presence of Panama in the international scenario. The rescue of the Canal Zone was the great inheritance of Torrijos for its compatriots and the unemployment of the military installations that the USA had for training tasks as an occupation force and continental gendarmerie regarding the Latin American armies.

Nicolás Maduro
«Fifty years after the Nationalist Revolution led by Gen. Omar Torrijos and a group of Panamanian soldiers, the people remembers the historical legacy of the «Soldier of America». Thanks to his conviction, he managed to rescue the sovereignty of his country through diplomatic channels».
7:59 – Oct 11 2018