Venezuela rejects interventionist statements by Peruvian Chancellor Néstor Popolizio

On Wednesday, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, reported on the delivery of a blunt protest to the representative of the Government of Peru in Caracas, which demands respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela and International Law, regarding the interventionist statements by the foreign minister from that country, Nestor Popolizio:

«Foreign Minister @NestorPopolizio, through shameful anti-diplomatic practices, makes renewed efforts to keep Peru as a spokesperson for the Cartel (Group) of Lima (Washington). Thus he tries to distract attention from the severe moral, political and institutional crisis in his country», wrote the Venezuelan foreign minister through his Twitter account.

«It is paradoxical that Chancellor @NestorPopolizio acts as an evaluator and champion of Human Rights, ignoring the serious deficiencies of the Peruvian State in this matter. Venezuela demands respect for its sovereignty and international law», said the Venezuelan Chancellor.