President Maduro called for the defense of the nation against interventionist sanctions

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, again rejected the financial sanctions against the country and called for closing ranks in defense of the right to development and the life of the Venezuelan people, who face the blockade and the sanctions imposed by the Governments of the United States (USA) and of countries of the European Union (EU).

“Venezuela has to close ranks in defense of our identity, our dignity, our right to live, to exist. These sanctions, in addition to being illegal from the point of view of international law, are immoral, unjust and go against a whole country”, he said this Tuesday from Miraflores Palace.

He urged the spokesmen of sectors of the right wing that encourage the application of sanctions and financial persecution to wage the political struggle in the national territory, from the construction of proposals and alternatives.

He emphasized that unilateral sanctions pose the search for new financial alternatives, which “we will continue to articulate with creativity, with audacity, with capacity, with support from the emerging world that, fortunately, exists nowadays”.