Trump lashes out again against the Venezuelan people

Less than 24 hours after the results of the presidential elections were known, where Nicolás Maduro was elected Head of State for the period 2019-2025, obtaining 6 million 190,612 votes, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, attacks Venezuela by imposing new sanctions against the Homeland of Bolívar.

The US magnate signed an executive order, prohibiting any citizen, institution or US company from acquiring Venezuelan debt or assets and property belonging to the Venezuelan Government in the United States, including those derived from Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), as collects the EFE agency.

The objective of the US empire is to increase the pressure on President Maduro’s Constitutional Government, which is also limited in its ability to obtain liquidity, including accounts receivable, from the Venezuelan Government, as well as State oil company PDVSA and the Venezuelan Central Bank .

Minutes before the new sanctions came to light, the Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence, had threatened that his country “will not sit idly by,” while allegedly Venezuela “falls apart,” as reported the Twitter account of the US Department of State.

This is not the only economic sanctions applied by the United States this year, two months ago it attacked the Venezuelan cryptocurrency, the Petro.

On March 20, Trump signed an executive order that prohibits “as of its effective date, all related transactions, the provision of financing and other transactions by a person from the United States or within the United States, with any digital currency that has been issued by, for or on behalf of the Government of Venezuela as of January 9, 2018”.

The economic sanctions are part of the political maneuvers of the United States against countries that reaffirm their sovereignty, as has happened with the Cuban people and today with the Venezuelan, who have been affected their daily lives as a result of a progressive financial blockade.