BCV receives proposal for a new exchange scheme to fight economic war

The president of BCV (Central Bank of Venezuela), Ramón Lobo, assured that the proposal to reactivate the System of Exchange Rates of Floating Market Complementary Exchange (DICOM), presented by the National Executive, will be discussed by the institution “as quickly as possible, due to the need to establish a new exchange scheme that counteracts the ravages of the economic war”.

He indicated the importance of adapting and reactivating this instrument to the new economic circumstances derived from the blockade imposed by the US, which has resulted in an international financial blockade and persecution.

Lobo said that in the coming days will be announced the exchange agreement that establishes the new currency management scheme.

“The objective is to guarantee the entry of foreign currency for the national economy, optimize its use and overcome the obstacles that are being placed internationally not only for the entry of foreign currency, but also for the same payment that at any given moment corresponds to the Republic to make”, said Lobo.