Pres. Maduro: I want to greet and talk with Julio Borges

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, said this Sunday that he wants to greet and sit down and talk with Julio Borges, National Coordinator of the Primero Justicia (rightwing) party, who also represents the opposition at the dialogue table held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. with the Bolivarian Government.

These statements were offered by the Head of State from the Miguel Antonio Caro High School in Caracas, after exercising his right to vote and offering a press conference to the media present in this voting center.

“It’s a good idea to go to the Dominican Republic to participate in the dialogue, I want to see Julio Borges, Julio Borges is a piece from Washington, but I’d like to go and greet him, sit down and talk with him, we’ll think about it, It seems like a good idea, but we are going to coordinate it with President Danilo Medina, to see if it is the right moment”, stressed Maduro at one of the questions asked by a journalist in the area, who asked him if he would be willing to come to the dialogue in that Caribbean island.

However, President Maduro recalled that his will has always been to meet directly with the spokesmen of the Venezuelan opposition to reach agreements and the best mechanisms to bring peace and tranquility to the people.

“They have refused to talk directly with me, it is a contradiction, because the agreement of the Dominican Republic is going to be signed by Nicolás Maduro Moros, and all the issues I will authorize as Head of State and Government of the Bolivarian Revolution”, he said.

He stressed that, despite the refusal of Julio Borges and the other members of the opposition in the dialogue, on December 15, the Government delegation will travel once again to the Dominican Republic with the purpose of advancing the agreements for the national meeting.

The Head of State lamented that the opposition does not make decisions on their own, and they have to depend on the directives and orders of the government of the United States, a nation that currently maintains an economic and financial blockade imposed on the Venezuelan people.

“It is vulgar the way they direct the Venezuelan opposition from Washington, they direct it as if they were slaves and sheep of them, to me it gives me shame and grief to see how they give orders (…) It is a shame to see how from the Government of Donald Trump treat like sheep and swat the Venezuelan opposition”, questioned Maduro.

The President indicated that the opposition, after repeatedly refusing to participate in the political dialogue, decided to go to the Dominican Republic after the Department of States of the US Government gave them the order to assist by giving them 1 million US dollars.

“They gave them 1 million dollars and told them: “You are going to the Dominican Republic to talk with Maduro’; they had to swallow the words they had said. Julio Borges shared that million dollars with Eudoro González, and Gustavo Velázquez”, this one an editor of the decree that granted the pardon to the narco-trafficker and representative of the Medellín (drug-trafficking) Cartel in Venezuela, Larry Tovar Acuña.

President Maduro noted that despite the fact that at the dialogue table the opposition decided to bring as negotiators the funding entrepreneurs of Julio Borges and people linked to drug trafficking, and “kicked out the young leaders of the opposition,” their willingness to dialogue remains intact because it is the only way to achieve the peace and tranquility of the people.

“The way of dialogue is the (only) way, the word is the greatest thing we have, as said Jesus Christ,” stressed Maduro, who said he does not know how long this negotiation process will last, which he hopes will establish systems to maintain continuity. can lead both parties to finalize agreements in the coming months.

“I compare it with the peace talks in Colombia”, it is a long process but it must be a permanent one”, stressed Maduro, reiterating that if the opposition had met directly with him, the negotiation would have been achieved more effectively.

“If the opposition had met with me, the negotiation lasts an hour, but since they do not want to see me in public, Julio Borges does not want to see me in public, nor the opposition leaders, then it could last a longer time.”

Regarding the presidential candidacy of the opposition for the elections of 2018, President Maduro regretted that the Venezuelan right wing be allowed to submit to the interests of the United States Government, and not obey the voice of their supporters.

He put as an example to Henry Ramos Allup, Secretary General of (rightwing) Acción Democrática party: “They are not going to let him be a presidential candidate, you will know why I said so, because in the north they have already decided who their presidential candidate will be”.

“Ramos Allup, they used you, despite the fact that Acción Democrática is the main party of the Venezuelan opposition”, said the Head of State, who also stressed that parties such as Voluntad Popular and Primero Justicia are condemned to disappear from the political map after being the main protagonists of the violence unleashed between April and July of this 2017, which caused 121 deaths, thousands of injuries, millions of losses and damages to public and private patrimony.