Regional elections represent a victory against campaign of discredit

The regional elections held on Sunday, October 15, registered 61.14% participation in all federal entities, one of the highest levels in the country’s electoral politics, which according to the journalist and director of the Últimas Noticias newspaper, Eleazar Díaz Rangel, represents a victory against those who from the outside tried to discredit the Venezuelan electoral system.

This is «a victory for Venezuela against those who, from abroad, were struggling to silence and discredit the Venezuelan electoral process», he added during an interview on the «Encendidos» (Turned On) program, broadcast by VTV.

He recalled that the international campaign against regional elections, convened by the National Constituent Assembly, was led by the United States Department of State, the European Union and the Spanish Government.

Added to this, he continued pointing out, from some news agencies such as AP, EFE, Reuters and France Presse, they devoted to show a chaotic and fraudulent image of the Venezuelan elections, but nevertheless an extraordinary participation was obtained. «They were left without arguments to attack what happened yesterday», said the journalist.

Díaz Rangel praised the political maturity of the Venezuelan people in favor of democracy and peace. «Everyone has to feel satisfied, even those who lose, with the high participation turnout of the Venezuelan people».

In that sense, he said that Venezuelans voted massively against the violence experienced during the months of April and June, «In order to prevent recurrence.»