Opposition parliamentarians prepare media plot against Venezuela

The Spanish analyst, Carlos Martínez, denounced in the «Conexión Global» (Global Connection) program broadcast by Telesur, the mediatic compromise or what he called the construction of a distorted view of the current political situation on Venezuela.

«The question is not whether the media lies about Venezuela or not, but about when they do tell the truth. What happens is that the lie is repeated by all means and the counterpart takes time to disassemble it», he said.

What he raises is that the media, specially the Colombian, give strength to the vision of the bourgeoisie while, on the other hand, the vision of the poor and the most helpless is not spread, being the reason why, in his view, it is a partial and distorted point of view of what which is actually being lived in Venezuela.

«This proves a media framework against the Bolivarian Revolution, it is a prelude to an international intervention, using without any sense the «dictatorship», «regime» words in order to position them among the people»

He exemplified the bombing of other countries and the media conspiracy they prepare on dis-informing the peoples about the invasions they will see or will be victims of.

«I did lived in a dictatorship myself, the dictatorship of Franco, and in it no opposition leader would have the freedom they have had in Venezuela, under no circumstances would have had the possibility of having a majority in the National Parliament or depart and enter the country whenever they want».

In his opinion, Venezuela is not and will not be liked by the great world powers because it has consolidated a Government where social and wealth equality is paramount in its national policies.

Regarding Colombian journalist Claudia Cano of the UNO channel, and the scandalous audio with an alleged Venezuelan former SEBIN official, the international analyst believes that Colombian journalism is committed to attack the Venezuelan nation by generating opinion matrixes that support the imperial interventionism.

«It has become a rude practice to distort the vision of the countries that consider their enemies and for this they usually invent characters like the girl on Twitter, or to reinforce with testimonies or photographs that do not belong to the place of which they speak»

He considers that the news plan generated by the international bourgeoisie has come to the point of paying people to repeat lies as was the case of the Colombian journalist.

The multi-state TeleSUR television channel published a work that shows that a journalist from the Colombian television channel Canal 1 would have paid a Venezuelan intelligence official to offer statements against emblematic figures of Chavismo.