Government congratulates the Venezuelan people for commemorating Independence Day with patriotism

The Bolivarian Government led by the Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, congratulated the Venezuelan people for “their patriotic and massive participation in the commemorations for the 206 years of the signing of the Act of Independence and Day of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).”

Through a communiqué, published by the Ministry for Communication and Information, special recognition is expressed to the people of Caracas for their assistance to the military civic parade of Paseo Los Próceres (The Heroes Stroll), and their accompaniment in the commemorative acts that were held from early hours in the city capital.

Likewise, the Executive repudiated the violent events raised on Wednesday in the Federal Legislative Palace, when a group of people broke into the house, after the commemorative acts of Independence.

Following is the full Communiqué:

The Bolivarian Government congratulates the people of Venezuela for their patriotic and massive participation in the commemorations for the 206 of the signing of the Act of our Independence and Day of the FANB.

It expresses special appreciation to the people of Caracas for their assistance to the military civic parade of the Paseo Los Próceres and their accompaniment to the Executive Cabinet and the High Military Command during the opening of the Ark that guards the Act of Independence in the Elliptical Hall of the Federal Legislative Palace.

Said act had a speech of order of Professor Mario Sanoja Obediente, a numbered individual of the National Academy of History, who contributed wise reflections on the validity of July 5 and the challenges of the ongoing constituent process.

The Elliptical Hall, and the sacred document that treasure its walls, have been and will continue to be zealously guarded by the National Executive through the Ministry of People’s Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, in fulfillment of their constitutional and legal duties.

The National Executive repudiates the suspected acts of violence in the gardens of the Federal Legislative Palace hours after the commemorative activity had ended, when the Executive Vice-President, the Executive Cabinet and the Superior General of the FANB had already retired from the premises, spearheading a patriotic and peaceful demonstration of commitment to the defense of our National Independence.

The National Government has ordered the investigation of the aforementioned acts of violence to establish the whole truth and, based on it, to apply sanctions to those responsible.

Nothing, however, can tarnish the extraordinary day of commemoration of our Independence Day and Day of the FANB, in a civic military union and with resolute will of dialogue and peace on the part of the people and the Bolivarian Government, always above the Constant aggressions, provocations and ambushes developed by extremist factors of the pro-yankee right wing against the people of Chavez and Bolivar.

Long live the 5th of July!
Long live the military civic union!
Long live Independence!