Violent demonstrations seek to undermine democratic order

The journalist José Vicente Rangel said that a sector of the leadership of the Venezuelan right wing has abused the right to demonstrate by encouraging actions of violence that seek to promote the destabilization of the country.

“The opposition abuses the right to demonstrate and make it into a letter of marque to commit a crime”, he added. In his opinion, most of the demonstrations that have been registered in the last weeks are marked with the sign of the violence. They are summoned with the deliberate purpose of generating violence and violating the constitutional and democratic order, as he referred during the editorial segment of his program broadcast by Televen.

“In these demonstrations there are embarrassing acts such as the participation of violent groups that act with the deliberate purpose of clashing with the public forces”, he said. He also said that the violent actions have degenerated into looting of businesses, blocking of public roads, tolling of pedestrians and vehicle drivers, destruction of Metro (Subway) stations, of hospitals, maternity centers, ministerial headquarters, schools, high schools and attacks to military units.

Finally, he pointed out that: “In no other country in the world are given the manifestations of aggression and challenge to the authorities as it happens in Venezuela. No society is daily subjected by the decision of an irresponsible leadership, to the anguish and despair that today suffer the Venezuelans”.